Susan Morris: Planet politics

June 15, 2014 

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how our legislators can, in good conscience, think that any of their proposals can be good for our state.

Are there no children in their families who attend our public schools? No elderly relatives who have run through their savings but require the specialized care that a long-term care facility provides? Do they know no one in the ranks of the unemployed?

All I can think of is that they were dropped, fully formed, in pods from some galaxy far, far, away and, as such, have no human interactions with us earthlings.

Alternatively, perhaps they have unlimited personal resources that allow them to pack off their progeny to private schools or pay the annual $100,000 it takes to keep MeeMaw in the nursing home.

Regardless, I would humbly suggest that they consider mingling with the rest of us. That really shouldn’t be too difficult. Why, they can just walk around Jones Street some Monday evening! Or, if they really wanted to stretch themselves, they could go home to their districts and listen to those who elected them – their constituents – and see for themselves the planet we live on.

Susan Morris


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