M.B. Hardy: No surprises in Iraq

June 16, 2014 

Iraq, a disparate and random pastiche of violently opposed ethnic groups arbitrarily cobbled together by victors of World War I – and held together only by the most astonishingly savage human rights abuses and the complicity and massive infusions of military hardware and money from the U.S. – is unraveling.

Is it surprising that the U.S. “trained” and funded Iraqi army (Shiite) has no interest in protecting Sunnis or Kurds? Or that “troops” who were in it only for the money and who have tribal loyalty instead of patriotism would drop their weapons and shed their uniforms at the first sign of real military action?

Surprising is President Obama’s continuing to echo the evil, phony neocon notion that Iraq, this spawn of Western “nation-building,” is a viable state. Saddening is the spectacle of Sen. John McCain, sounding like a decrepit street-corner orator on the floor of the Senate, urging us to dust off the “hero” generals and arrogant empire-building methods that got us into this mess.

M.B. Hardy


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