Arnie Katz: Brilliant strategy

June 16, 2014 

Regarding the June 11 news article “ House, Senate budgets clash”: The strategy put forward by the House to fund teacher pay increases by increased marketing of the lottery is brilliant. When the lottery was instituted, at least one wag pointed out that the lottery is essentially a tax on the “mathematically challenged,” who spend their hard-earned money hoping for a big payoff that is statistically so unlikely as to be equivalent of throwing money into the trash.

So now the House leadership has come up with a truly elegant approach. Chip away at public school funding, which will create more people who can’t do math, which will generate more revenue from the lottery, which will enable them to reduce taxes on more affluent folks even more, which, as we know, is the only thing that really matters.

The Democrats cynically branded the lottery as “Education” knowing it would simply replace tax-based funding eventually. The current crew doesn’t even pretend the lottery will supplement the budget. I can’t wait for House Speaker Thom Tillis to take this idea to Washington, where he can create a federal lottery to fund the Pentagon.

Or are lotteries only for nonessential services like schools?

Arnie Katz


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