Anne Sherron: Commissioners need to step up

June 16, 2014 

Regarding the June 15 news article “ Wake ‘Renaissance’ program to wither”: Yet again The N&O oversimplifies a complex story of our school system.

The funding for the Renaissance program, developed by Interim Superintendent Donna Hargens, is ending, and the program was so mishandled by the Ron Margiotta board that there is no useful evaluation to determine whether the funds were well-spent. That same Margiotta board did nothing to enhance public school funding for our district. It allowed per-pupil funding to decline without challenge to our funding sources, the Wake County commissioners and the state. In fact, former school board member and now Rep. Chris Malone has gone along with House cuts to public education.

The current board has advocated more funding for all students, and it has embarked on a strategic plan that will target funds to underperforming schools and students. This is a thoughtful use of tax dollars.

Now it’s time for the community to demand and the commissioners to find more funding for our schools. The current school board has made the case that our teachers and staff are underpaid and under-resourced. It’s time for action from commissioners to help our schools.

Anne Sherron


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