Senate will rework House commerce bill

Posted by Craig Jarvis on June 17, 2014 

Differences between the House and Senate bills creating a private marketing enterprise with the state Department of Commerce will be hashed out another day, a committee agreed Tuesday.

The Senate Finance Committee approved the House version of the bill ( HB1031), with the understanding that it would be modified before it reaches the Senate Appropriations Committee.

There are a number of differences between the two proposals, but the big stumbling block is a provision the Senate added that would replace the current film industry financial incentives with a grant program.

The author of the Senate bill ( SB743), Sen. Harry Brown, a Republican from Jacksonville, told the committee that adding the film grants to the House bill would probably doom it.

"I'm not sure the House will take that bill up with the film industry piece in it," Brown said.

Brown said he needed to talk with some of the interested parties to figure out what changes might be needed.

Afterward, Rep. Tom Murry, a Republican from Cary who is sponsoring the House version, said he still wants a bill that only focuses on the public-private partnership and doesn’t include the film provision. Murry noted that the House budget contains a film grant program similar to the Senate proposal.

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