Gordon Uscier: Interpreting Zane

June 17, 2014 

As usual J. Peder Zane had befuddling facts in his June 4 column “  ‘Mean-spirited’ Republicans our last, best hope” in an attempt to convince us that Republicans are superior leaders in governing.

He said, “Liberal bastions are in decline, nine of the 12 states with the highest unemployment rate went for Obama in 2012.” Actually, 14 states should be included (three states are tied for 12th). But the question should be: Which party has legislative control? The GOP and Democrats each control five, the other four have split control.

My take: People in some states were smart enough to vote for Obama but not so smart with their other votes. Zane supported the decline statement by saying “nine of the 10 states with the greatest out-migration are deep blue.” But does he mean out-migration or net migration? Because, as makes sense, the states with the largest population (most are blue) have the largest out-migration. If he means net, then in 2012 New York lost one-half of 1 percent and California a bit less at 0.2 percent.

I could go on, but, unlike Zane, my words are limited to 200.

Gordon Uscier


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