Gwen Wilkins: A vote for people

June 17, 2014 

Regarding the June 11 news article “ Tea party stuns GOP’s Cantor”: Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his race to David Brat, an economics professor and tea party favorite, even after spending five times more than Brat. Brat defeated Cantor by 10 percentage points!

This is proof that mounds of money, endorsements and having a title do not amount to a hill of beans in some elections. Sure, contributions and funding are needed to purchase signs, advertise, distribute literature, to buy gas to take voters to the polls, etc., but when will we learn that money cannot vote?

Some people equate a campaign’s success by how much money it has raised. Nothing beats “boots on the ground” and having a strong message that voters identify with and embrace.

Candidates beware: They shouldn’t get too comfortable thinking they have an election in the bag. Those who are challenged financially have as much power as the richest man or woman in the world on Election Day. The Bill Gateses, the Clintons, the Art Popes, all have one vote, just like us.

Gwen Wilkins

Rocky Mount

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