Beach prep 101: A guy's guide to manscaping, skin care and more

ShopAtHome.comJune 18, 2014 

Swims’ Sport Loafers have a mesh upper that is breathable and rubber sole that is water-resistant.


It’s time for guys to start getting ready for beach season – and that doesn’t just mean adding extra weight at the gym. We’re talking manscaping, sun care and a manly towel of your own.

Footwear: Guys can opt for boat shoes, sandals and slip-on sneakers. Here are some fashion editor picks:

• Converse X John Varvatos Laceless Chuck Taylors ( have the signature Converse Chuck Taylor Vintage Slip with wax-coated canvas upper, rubber outsole, pinstripe lining and a laceless design.

• Swims’ Sport Loafers ( have a mesh upper that is breathable and rubber sole that is water-resistant. Plus, they will keep you in style on the sand or on the boardwalk.

Manscaping: “Nobody likes a forest,” says Diana Schmidtke, a Los Angeles-based men’s grooming expert.

“I’m not saying you’ve got to do complete hair removal, but trim down,” Schmidtke says, suggesting men use grooming tools on the chest and armpits.

Hair care: The ocean’s salt water and the pool’s chlorine will dry out your hair quickly. For men with lighter hair, the chlorine also can leave a green tint.

Using a leave-in conditioner will create a barrier of protection between your locks and the salt water or chlorine.

Sunscreen: Steer clear of sunscreens that contain words like “shimmer” in the description. That’s a code word for glittery and girly smelling.

For the face, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen is a great option, and it’s recommended for guys who are bald or balding because the formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave you shiny.

Also, don’t shave right before going to the beach or pool. Some sunscreen ingredients can irritate your skin. So, leave the stubble and shave when you get home.

Towel: Leave the bath towels at home. Beach towels are usually at least a foot longer than bath towels and tend to be thinner so they can dry more quickly in the sun.

Keep it simple with a solid color or simple pattern such as stripes. Target ( has collegiate, NCAA-licensed towels that will show off your school spirit if you really want to go with a graphic.

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