Erv Portman: Unethical plan

June 19, 2014 

Funding teacher pay by selling games of chance? Our state’s constitution mandates that all children will receive free access to good education. Our Founding Fathers were wise to enshrine that right for our children and with it our obligation as citizens and taxpayers to pay for the same.

I understand that some elected folks hate government and taxes and belive their purpose in life is to cut them. But what I don’t understand is this: Why is it better to cut taxes more on those among us who are the most affluent to the point we can’t pay competitive wages to teachers who teach? Why is it more ethical, more just, to fund our public obligation to pay teachers a competitive wage by selling games of chance to folks who have little except a dream of getting rich by luck?

Seems to me that exploiting those least able to pay by tricking them into buying lottery tickets is in itself a bankrupt ethical decision. More troubling is state Rep. Nelson Dollar’s position that when told by the director of the lottery that his idea did not add up, he told her to be quiet.

The cost of paying our teachers is a public obligation and should be paid for by everyone fairly.

Erv Portman, Cary

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