Donald B. Zepp: From problem to pleasure

June 20, 2014 

On Sunday, our charitable organization, Human Beans Together, served lunch to about 125 hungry people in the new Oak City Outreach Center created by the City of Raleigh. In conjunction with other participating groups, about 750 meals were served on this inaugural weekend.

Not only do I thank all of the volunteers, sponsors and groups involved, but I also want especially to offer a huge thank you to Mayor Nancy McFarlane and Raleigh City Council members who not only backed away from last summer’s threats to arrest us for sharing food with the disadvantaged but also subsequently approved the funding of the project and supported us and other groups in making this Outreach Center a reality.

It is a pleasure to be able to serve our friends in a clean, sheltered environment where they can enjoy a good meal in peace and with dignity. I am proud of this city’s administration taking responsibility as it has. I hope that other municipalities take note and that they, too, realize that pretending a problem doesn’t exist or simply wishing it away is not the same as solving it.

Donald B. Zepp

Co-founder and vice president, Human Beans Together, Inc., Wendell

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