Nancy Shoemaker: Not our priorities

June 21, 2014 

A family budget sets its priorities. How much savings? How much entertainment? How much charity? How many hours worked? Are there creative ways to raise income? The budget ends up reflecting the family values – what is important to them.

The legislature’s budget challenges are more difficult (partly because of last year’s tax cuts), but what lawmakers seem to be forgetting is that the budget is a statement of the values of the people of North Carolina. Does the Senate leadership really believe that the people want it to offer harsh bargains to the teachers entrusted with the education of our children? Do they think the people agree that an average 11 percent raise would compensate for harming classrooms and making a teacher’s job much harder by defunding teaching assistants?

Haven’t they listened to people who say that they are willing to pay more in taxes to adequately fund education and that last year’s shell game tax “cut” does not reflect the values of North Carolina?

Nancy Shoemaker


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