Ed Block: Why no disclaimer?

June 21, 2014 

In reference to the highly informative June 10 Point of View “ Fracking in N.C.? Forget about it” by John J.W. Rogers, distinguished professor of geology emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill: Rogers gave his opinion on why he opposes fracking in North Carolina, an opinion clearly not shared by the Republican leadership in Raleigh and possibly not shared by the Republican majority now sitting on the UNC Board of Trustees.

What caught my attention was that Rogers had no disclaimer at the end of his letter, indicating the letter was his personal opinion and not that of UNC. I am curious as to why Professor Gene Nichol is required by UNC to write such a disclaimer, but apparently the disclaimer is not required of other UNC employees submitting letters or articles for publication.

If a disclaimer is required of Nichol, shouldn’t it also apply to all faculty and employees who identify themselves as associated with UNC?

Ed Block, Chapel Hill

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