Robert P. Kennel: Arrestee in waiting

June 22, 2014 

I’m a regular at Moral Mondays though not yet arrested. Most of my best friends in church, business or N.C. State are far more conservative than I. They plead with me not to get arrested to satisfy their view of the Rev. William Barber’s ego, but Barber is both a good friend and clergy partner.

The issues at play with the North Carolina legislature and governor are significant. We can debate puppy mills or the “great unpleasantness” in Chapel Hill or even the rush to fracking. We cannot debate the sheer stupidity of not having accepted Medicaid money when people are dying, the mendacious attempts to suppress voting right, the denigration of teachers and public education in general, the shortening of unemployment payments and the economic insult of higher taxes on the poor to benefit lower taxes on the rich.

My friends are starting to get it. These issues are neither Barber’s nor Moral Monday’s. The issues are those core values of good North Carolina residents. Either the legislature and governor must get it soon or our electorate surely will.

Hope to see everyone Monday. An arrestee in waiting.

Robert P. Kennel, Holly Springs

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