Doug Richmond: Protesters should run for office

June 22, 2014 

With all the “to do” about Moral Mondays, I have begun to ask myself a few questions. First, when did I get to vote for that group as my representatives?

If they really want to change things, they should run for the legislature. There is some risk, of course, but they can really test their support in a venue where, if elected, they can try their hand at making change that counts rather than the point-with-pride and view-with-alarm mode in which they currently operate.

The money now spent in organizing protests, and for that matter bringing lawsuits, could be saved and used to help people get registered and secure their voter IDs.

Second, I am beginning to be concerned that their quest to be allowed into the people’s house may be endangering my right to go there and watch or visit my representative or senator. Their obsession with their cause is possibly making it difficult for me to support whatever cause I may have, especially if it may be different from theirs.

Representative government is tough, but it has proven more effective that most others. We need to be careful how we exercise our role.

Doug Richmond, Cary

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