Gov. McCrory concerned about commission appointments from legislature

Posted by Craig Jarvis on June 23, 2014 

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday that he is uneasy with a number of the commissions the General Assembly has created that give him limited authority to appoint members and perhaps are too far-reaching.

That gripe came up in response to a question about the coal ash bill that came out of the Senate. McCrory said he likes the proposal except for a provision that creates an oversight commission mostly appointed by the legislature.

The governor said he had constitutional separation of powers and philosophical problems with that, in addition to other commissions cropping up from the legislature that might exeed their authority.

“We promised to reduce the number of commissions, and we seem to be increasing the number of commissions,” McCrory said.

He said he had to protect the authority of the executive branch and allow his agency secretaries to make line-item decisions.

McCrory and the legislature recently tangled over the makeup of the three-member Board of Review, which hears unemployment claim appeals, with lawmakers at one point threatening to take away two of his appointments. The final bill, which cleared the legislature last week, gives him the authority to appoint all three but they must be approved by the legislature, and must be done in a timely manner.

The governor wouldn’t say whether he would sign that bill or not.

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