Jerry Doliner: New look at buses

June 23, 2014 

The CAT bus system, I believe, was set up many, many years ago primarily to transport workers without cars to and from jobs and secondarily to and from shopping. With Raleigh’s suburban growth, and now with the new infilling with higher density development close to downtown, the CAT system needs to change drastically to attract riders with cars who do not need to ride the bus but want to ride the bus to be green, to drink responsibly, to avoid traffic snarls, etc.

Do our city leaders want this to happen? I do not think they do. If the city and county governments really wanted mass transit to take hold, they might do some of the following: Express buses from the outskirts to downtown for concerts at Red Hat, First Night, food truck rodeos, St. Patrick’s Day and the dozens of other events downtown.

I find it odd that there is no regular bus service to RDU. There are no buses to PNC Arena for concerts, hockey games or basketball games.

Raleigh spent many millions of dollars on parking debts and is dependent on cars to pay off that debt.

Jerry Doliner


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