NC State's basketball court gets a makeover

Posted by Joe Giglio on June 24, 2014 

Tuffy's back, or at least his head.

The traditional cartoonish wolf with the big ears, big teeth and red sailor's hat will be the logo on midcourt for N.C. State's basketball games at PNC Arena this season.

A version of the floor has already been installed at the team's practice facility. The block "S" logo, with an "N" and "C" tucked inside, which had been at midcourt since the arena opened in 1999, will still be prominent on the floor.

There are four block "S" logos still on the floor, two on each side of the foul lanes.

The Tuffy logo will be bigger at midcourt than the previous logo, stretching nearly the width of the court.

The new ACC logo is also on the floor, underneath the free-throw line. "NC State" is written on one baseline and "Wolfpack" on the other.

The Twitter handle for the athletic department (@PackAthletics) and basketball team (@PackMensBball) is also on the sidelines.

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