NC Sen. Tom Apodaca talks about ending legislative session with only 'mini budget'

Posted by John Frank on June 24, 2014 

Two questions are on the minds of Jones Street watchers: When will they go home? And, will there be a new budget before they leave?

Republican Sen. Tom Apodaca, chairman of the Senate Rules committee, is making predictions. Whether it’s political posturing or reality remains to be seen.

On going home: “It could be mid-July, it could be the end of July, or we could get mad and go home week after next. I don’t know.”

On the budget: “We are not there yet, we are trying to work this out. ... If we don’t get a budget we’ll go home and we’ll be back in January.”

Apodaca’s comments come the day after Gov. Pat McCrory said he had asked budget director Art Pope to direct state agencies on what to expect if there was no budget deal.

Apodaca said lawmakers could go home leaving their current budget in place but would “probably have to put a few things in something similar to a continuing resolution.”

The mini-budget would include teacher pay and state employee raises, he said, though smaller than what the Senate originall proposed.

Earlier in the day, Apodaca moved a couple of bills to a Senate calendar to Saturday. For those looking for clues, he said if lawmakers go through with Saturday session, “it’s a good sign that progress is being made.”

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