Wake County GOP defends teacher pay raise given by commissioners

Posted by T. Keung Hui on June 24, 2014 

The Wake County Republican Party is defending the Wake County Board of Commissioners against the criticism it’s been getting for giving teachers a much smaller pay raise than was requested.

In a press release today, Wake County Republican Party Chairwoman Donna Williams says she’s “amazed at some of the criticism” that’s been leveled at the commissioners for giving teachers a $200 to $300 a year pay raise. Both the school board and Wake County Democrats have mocked the commissioners for not giving the four-figure increase advocated by Superintendent Jim Merrill.

Williams praises the GOP majority on the board of commissioners as being “fiscally responsible” in giving teachers a raise without an additional increase in taxes.

Here’s the GOP press release:

Truthful Tuesday Responds to Critics of the 2015 Wake County Budget

RALEIGH – Today, the Wake County Republican Party notes the criticism heard last week regarding teacher pay supplements made part of the county’s 2015 budget passed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners. Once again, you are not hearing the whole story and we need to set the record straight.

“Last week, we thanked the Wake County Board of Commissioners for putting teachers first by passing a fiscally sound, county-responsive budget for next year,” said Donna Williams, Chair of Wake GOP. “Following our news release and coverage by the local media, we were amazed at some of the criticism regarding teacher pay supplements.”

“The critics ignored the basic supplement paid by Wake County and trashed the increase for 2015 as if it were nothing. Really? When a Wake County teacher looks at their paycheck stub, they see an average of $6,200 more pay than what DPI alone would provide. And next year, thanks to our Republican commissioners, that supplement moves higher while still balancing the county budget.”

“The teachers may know the truth; however, does the average Wake County citizen? When former Governor Bev Perdue’s administration cut teacher pay by almost 15%, where was the outrage? Why were these same organizations so silent? For that matter, why was Reverend Barber nowhere to be seen at the Legislature Building?”

“Quite frankly, liberal and Democratic groups in the county hope you will remain deceived so they can replace fiscally responsible Republicans with new people who will renew the failed tax and spend policies that created the situation we are in now.”

Ms. Williams concluded. “In a time when our citizens and especially our teachers are just beginning to see the benefits from the positive efforts of our commissioners, we need to stand strong behind them. We support our Republican commissioners. They are making Wake County better.”

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