Tom Balsanek: Job creators

June 24, 2014 

Regarding the June 3 news article “ EPA sets nation’s 1st limits on CO2”: The EPA’s proposed regulations to control carbon dioxide emissions are being attacked by Republicans as a job killer. (Some Democrats object but only because they’re up for re-election in coal-producing states)

It is a consistent message Republicans roll out to proposals to control carbon dioxide emissions and addressing climate change with the consequences of increasing atmospheric temperatures, rising sea levels, severe flooding and health issues in addition to more destructive storms, severe droughts and wild fires. I’ve figured out why they don’t support efforts to control carbon dioxide emissions. They actually will be creating jobs.

Think of the number of workers needed to relocate property owners affected by rising sea levels and more flooding to safer locations and to build new structures/dwellings for them; to construct new supporting infrastructure and protective structures for communities affected by the changing landscape resulting from rising sea levels and flooding; to rebuild structures destroyed/damaged by more severe storms and wild fires; to fight an increased number and intensity of wild fires; to treat an increasing number of sick individuals; and to provide new community infrastructure to address drought and reduced water availability.

I’d say that the Republicans have the solution to job creation.

Tom Balsanek

New Bern

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