Dickie Benzie: Democratic damage

June 24, 2014 

The great political divide in this country is no mystery. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by far-left, self-avowed socialists who have become proficient in demonizing the Republicans in order to secure their political power. Progressives have been telling their minions for decades that Republicans don’t care about clean air and water, hate poor people, hate Blacks and Hispanics.

The current administration has defied the Constitution, crammed government health care down our throats; it is in the process of bankrupting the coal industry via the EPA since Congress voted against cap and trade.

Today’s Democrats condone the Benghazi, IRS and VA scandals with no sense of guilt. They believe in equal outcome; not equal opportunity. They are anti-Christianity, and they have no problem decimating our military. A huge government with a $17 trillion deficit is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

For 200 years Democrats and Republicans bantered about different ideas on how to reach certain goals; our goals are totally different now. Democrats want the government in charge of every aspect of our lives and have successfully created a dependent nanny state. Republicans would opt for a society with equal opportunity for all and a chance for individual freedoms to prosper with much less government intrusion.

We are now the un-United States of America.

Dickie Benzie


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