Naomi Lambert: Loss of debate

June 24, 2014 

Regarding the June 24 news article “ Protesters shift focus to the polls”: At risk of sounding cranky, like much of the discussion currently going on in the General Assembly building, when did spirited and respectful debate go out of fashion? Is there something wrong with listening to both sides of the argument?

High school debate teaches students that they need to prepare arguments both for and against an issue. This allows them to listen better and really understand the heart of what is under discussion. I wish we could require all our elected officials to hear and understand both sides of the argument. That way perhaps people wouldn’t need to get arrested, to chant and to protest in order to get their side heard. Because in the real world there is no “side,” there are only winners and losers.

Too many North Carolinians believe they are losers in part because once they have voted, they are not heard.

Naomi Lambert


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