Andrew Sleeth: Limiting change

June 24, 2014 

The writer of the June 23 letter “ Run for office” is certain to draw fire from several quarters for his criticism of Moral Monday protesters, including that of his own ilk. Why? Because he’s crafted (unintentionally, it would seem) a plaintiff’s perfect oral argument against the overly broad rules our legislature has enacted to restrain political speech.

The liberty of which he rightly fears encroachment is threatened by the General Assembly itself; its illegitimate abuse of power is the present culprit, not his fellow residents. When an individual’s or group’s inalienable rights are trodden on, we all suffer, just as he himself openly admitted. Get elected, he said, change from within. That makes sense ... if North Carolina’s GOP hadn’t gerrymandered and manipulated the electoral process so heavily against the Moral Monday constituency.

So it’s safe to assume Phil Berger and Thom Tillis are quite pleased the writer has chosen to blame resident protesters for his stolen freedoms rather than the ruling party’s tyranny. Dictators never wish to be thought as such.

Andrew Sleeth


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