Tyler Sharp: Duke needs to pay for cleanup

June 27, 2014 

Having grown up in North Carolina, a state so rich in natural resources, it is frustrating to see our lakes and rivers being threatened by polluters like Duke Energy. What’s even more frustrating is watching our elected officials fail to stand up for us and clean water laws.

As a college student inheriting this environment, I’m concerned for the future of North Carolina’s water and energy. On June 24, the N.C. Senate passed a bill outlining deadlines for the clean up of several coal ash ponds by 2029. While this is a necessary step forward, the language of the bill still neglects the interests of North Carolinians, allowing Duke Energy to pass on the total cost of the cleanup to their customers.

It is time for the men and women we put in Raleigh to do their jobs, hold Duke Energy responsible for its mess and pass fair coal ash reform for the betterment of our state. Our water sources, from the Dan River to Jordan and Falls Lakes, need protection, but it is the polluters who need to pay for it, not us.

Tyler Sharp

Chapel Hill

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