Amid summer’s thunder, freedom awoke

June 28, 2014 

Another year is fast moving on, shifting beyond its high point which comes with the arrival of the first new moon after the summer solstice, carrying us into the heat of mid-summer.

As the tide of time pauses and begins its annual turn, we find it’s time to ride the flood into another season. The peak of daily sunlight has passed, the earth has now begun its annual shifting from expanding root and building new greenery to the ultimate goal of firming fiber and seed.

Folklore holds that the awakening of the first full moon of June, after the summer solstice, opens the heavenly gates to the time of the thunder moon awakening, those days when heavens are illuminated by the raw fire and flaming brimstone, when the gods of old would carelessly cast thunderbolts about in grand catastrophic battles that come with the shifting of the season, a grand conflict that comes as spring is forced to retreat before the full fury of the sweltering armies of summer’s heat.

Very possibly, it is more than a coincidence that the most hallowed and important day of this nation’s Declaration of Independence was proclaimed to take effect during this first week of July. It can be argued that anything less would be intolerable. Man has the inalienable right to seek happiness for himself and his. To what extent he succeeds no set of laws can provide a guarantee.

We, as a free nation, continue to enjoy ever higher standards unknown to our forefathers or the citizens of any other nation. The basic foundation of freedom and independence is to remain as one Ed Philpot advised: “To yourself be true and whatever your lot might be, paddle your own canoe.”

Stick with independent thoughts, remain free while joining in building a better world. This is the meaning of July and Independence Day.

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