Valorie Jones: The blame game

June 29, 2014 

The June 25 letter “ Democratic damage” was a shocker. This letter stated the Democrats are anti-Christianity; self-avowed socialists; want to decimate our military; have created a nanny state; and are spreading the rumor that the GOP cares nothing for clean air and water, hates poor people and hates blacks and Hispanics. Wow!

The writer fails to mention that Social Security and Medicare have kept many middle-class families out of poverty. Today’s military is not the large force of the World War II era but, instead, today’s world situation requires a smaller, technical, fast-moving force. He also fails to mention the Affordable Care Act has blessedly given medical coverage to many who had none and, it is true that the GOP gets few votes from blacks and Hispanics. Wonder why?

He does not mention the GOP grab on N.C. government, which failed to accept Medicaid money, denying coverage to over 200,000 people; the suppression of voting rights; the lessening of unemployment payments to those who have lost their jobs; and the absolute attack on our educational system and teachers.

Valorie Jones


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