Everett E. Dodd: Unfair sabotage

June 30, 2014 

Regarding your June 29 article “ Sex offender’s plan to open shop scrutinized”: Randy Robertson, the would-be doughnut shop owner, is a sex offender whose convictions, according to your article, are 30 years apart. He is also married and has a child. He can’t get a job. The article about him gives lip service to the notion that even someone as shunned as Robertson ought to be able to support himself and his family. Even the police and district attorney admit he is acting legally with his business enterprise. With the police, probation department and DA monitoring his every move, he seems unlikely to re-offend.

Without the front-page coverage you gave his situation, it is likely Robertson could have enjoyed modest success with his shop without harming anyone. The N&O’s coverage, however, has made it likely that no such thing will happen. It may well have prejudiced the public against him thereby ensuring his business failure and possible bankruptcy.

There is a moral dimension to The N&O’s actions as well as to Robertson’s. I think The N&O should be ashamed.

Everett E. Dodd Jr.


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