New laws take effect July 1

kcanada@newsobserver.comJune 30, 2014 

CORRECTED: This story originally said that sheriffs would be able to give conceal carry permits to non-residents. That is not correct.

A number of new laws go into effect Tuesday, from inmate healthcare to clinical chiropractic standards.

Here are a few to note.

• You can be convicted of a misdemeanor – punishable by community service or jail time – if you give an inmate cigarettes or other tobacco products.

• If you get placed on house arrest, prepare to pay a $90 fee for the electronic monitoring device you’ll have to wear.

• Chiropractic assistants have to get a competency certificate from the State Board of Chiropractors Examiners within 120 days of being employed.

• Paid and volunteer firefighters as well as emergency medical personnel will now be subject to criminal background checks.

• County jails can use Medicaid to pay for the medical treatment of eligible inmates.

• The Department of Transportation has to give the Board of County Commissioners a list of the roads that get priority in its annual paving program.

• People who can’t leave their homes will now be able to obtain a identification that does not rely solely on physical appearance – as long as they get a letter from a physician verifying they have a severe disability.

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