Charles Mooney: Signs a safety issue

July 1, 2014 

Regarding your June 30 article “ Raleigh looks to ban vehicle signs”: What does the planning commission have against businesses? A visible sign, even on a vehicle, is not visual clutter. It helps drivers find the businesses for which they are searching. Mapquest or GPS will get one to the area, but it takes a sign to pin down the location.

On today’s crowded streets with speeding vehicles, one cannot safely slow down to look for a tiny little name above a doorway. Signs in windows and on parked vehicles help one safely find the exact location. Without some way to find them, many of these businesses will cease to exist. What will the planning commission do about vacant business properties?

Apparently, the planning commission doesn’t have much real work to do. Silly me, I thought the planning commission was supposed to plan for future growth and development. Perhaps we could do with a smaller planning commission that meets fewer times a year. Regulating where one can park one’s vehicle because of the sign on that vehicle could be a violation of freedom of speech. I hope someone will litigate that issue.

Charles Mooney


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