NC House, Senate appear to reach agreement to repeal Common Core

Posted by John Frank on July 2, 2014 

House and Senate lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement on a measure to repeal and replace the state’s Common Core education standards.

The two chambers approved bills earlier this session to create a commission to rework the state’s math and language arts requirements but differed as to whether the panel could consider keeping the current Common Core standards.

Sen. Jerry Tillman, a bill sponsor, said Wednesday that the conference report essentially emulates the Senate’s version of the legislation, which suggests the state could maintain components of Common Core once the standards are reformulated.

Under the final version, Tillman said “the standards commission can consider anything rigorous and North Carolina-owned – anything.”

No further clarification or details were available, making it difficult to determine the legislation’s full impact.

The conference committee still needs to sign the report before it goes back to each chamber for concurrence. The Senate is not meeting again in full session until Tuesday, meaning the earliest the bill could move to the governor’s desk is next week.

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