Thomas Shute: Failure x 5

July 2, 2014 

Regarding the June 30 article “ City could ban vehicle signs,” there are four questions lawmakers should always ask about any proposed law or regulation that comes before them: Is this constitutional? Is this law necessary? What will be the result? Does this make any sense?

A law to tell people where to park on private property, to contain signs on cars but not on 18-wheeler trailers, to decide what is art or beauty or a pain fails the test on all four counts. The work to define the edges of the law, to educate the noncomplying public and to enforce it would all be a complete waste of time and be seen as oppressive at the least.

A fifth question – is this what we were elected to do? – can be answered with a resounding no. The attempted oppression regarding sign placement, size and definition also fails the test.

Thomas Shute, Raleigh

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