Movie Mashup Game: Fourth of July edition

July 3, 2014 

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    1. Will Smith battles zombies and aliens in George Romero’s overambitious sequel.

    2. Harrison Ford tracks down Irish terrorists in the land of Westeros.

    3. Vietnam war veteran Ron Kovic investigates android crime, based on the Isaac Asimov book.

    4. This bizarre 1999 Best Picture winner stars despairing suburbanite Kevin Spacy as Disney princess Belle.

    5. Harrison Ford, as president of the United States, squares off against North Carolina high school basketball team the Ravens.

    6. Paul Giamatti, meanwhile, plays America’s second president in this surprisingly ghoulish HBO miniseries, with Anjelica Huston as Morticia.

    7. Terence Howard, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Ludacris headline David O. Russell’s perplexing tale of hip-hop in the 1970s.

    8. Jimmy Stewart moves to the nation’s capitol to woo the handsome Morris Townsend, based on the Henry James novel.

    9. William Shatner stars as Reese Witherspoon in this sequel about an ambitious law intern in Washington, D.C., spun off from the TV show “The Practice.”

    10. From the creators of South Park, this marionette comedy follows a group of law enforcement trainees led by Steve Guttenberg and Liam Neeson as John “Hannibal” Smith. (three films)

In honor of Independence Day, we present the Movie Mashup Game – Fourth of July edition. America! Fireworks! Sunburn! Freedom!

The object: The blurbs below combine the titles of two or more well-known movies. Can you guess the new mashed up movie title?

Example: Michael J. Fox stars as a time-traveling teenager in this second installment of George Lucas’ original space opera trilogy.

Answer: The Empire Strikes Back to the Future

If you think you have the right answers, send them to by 5 p.m. July 8. A winner – chosen randomly from those submitting correct answers – will receive a DVD/Blu-ray prize pack. Answers will run in the July 11 Weekend section.

NOTE: At least one of the films in each item has an American theme in the story or title. To make things even more challenging this time, we’re also including popular TV shows as well as film titles. Remember that films/TV shows can be mashed up phonetically as well, e.g. “Nosferatu Kill a Mockingbird.”

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