Mark Greenberg: All about Israel

July 3, 2014 

Regarding the June 26 Point of View piece “ Divesting in oppression, not Israel”: Let’s be honest. This treatise was all about Israel. The church’s investment guidelines are a ruse. I liked that neatly tucked-away reference to apartheid and Israel about halfway through when the writer introduced a South African voice along with several Palestinian Arab laments about “harsh” treatment and “plaintive cries” to “redress” some issues.

However, there was no mention of any Jewish Palestinian voices (other than those “tears of joy” when the divestment decision was announced). It would have been instructive to hear from Israeli parents whose children have been blown to bits or been kidnapped or had their heads bashed in (now that’s harsh, don’t you think?) by radical Palestinian Arabs from the “West Bank” who have been indoctrinated since infancy with centuries-old Jew hatred. And possibly enabled by methods, exemplified by disinvestment, aimed at crippling the Israel Defense Forces, which are there not to occupy but to maintain some sort of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs both within Israel and without.

Divestment is the church’s prerogative, but it must recognize that this choice may lead to more “nonpeaceful” events.

Mark Greenberg, Durham

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