Jim Holte: Unto others

July 3, 2014 

The Associated Press recently reported that as many as 90,000 children unaccompanied by adults arrived on the border between Mexico and the United States last year. This migration intensified the already heated debate about pathways to citizenship, border security and the status of undocumented migrants. Pundits continue to pontificate, politicians make speeches and protesters attempt to stop the transfer of migrant families from Texas to California. All the while the children remain on the border.

While the political wheels continue to grind slowly, perhaps we should recall an admonition that has served us well in the past. Perhaps because they are hungry, we should give them something to eat. Perhaps because they are thirsty, we should give them something to drink. Perhaps because they are strangers, we should take them in. Perhaps we should do unto the children on the border as we wish someone would do unto us if we were in the same situation.

While the political debate continues in Congress and in our communities, perhaps we should remember that all of us had ancestors who were strangers in a strange land.

Jim Holte, Greenville

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