McCrory signs law legalizing hemp oil for epilepsy treatment

Posted by Georgia Parke on July 3, 2014 

Hemp oil can now be used legally in clinical trials in North Carolina as a treatment for intractable epilepsy.

Gov. Pat McCrory signed a new law Thursday, Hope 4 Haley and Friends, which allows cannabidiol oil from help plants to be used in evidence-based studies in North Carolina. Hemp extract has shown to be effective in treating intractable epilepsy, which is resistant to many other drugs. Before the law was passed, hemp extract was considered possession of marijuana and having or using it was a criminal act.

At the signing was 5-year-old Haley Ward, whom the law was named for, as well as other child patients and three of the bill’s four primary sponsors.

“For some children, this treatment is the only relief they can get from debilitating seizures,” McCrory said in a statement. “Additionally, provisions in this law will lead to clinical research at our universities that could help in the development of new and more widely accessible therapies.”

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