Thomas Graham: Slippery slope

July 5, 2014 

In response to your July 1 editorial “ Hobby Lobby ruling expands corporate rights”: The concept that “corporations are people” reflects a slippery slope in our nation, which claims to operate upon democratic principles. It signals another step, and quite a subversive one, toward dominance of daily life in America by a tiny slice of the populace. If, as dissenting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggests, the expanding notion of corporate personhood permits businesses to opt out of further regulations, it renders powerless the democratic process by which those regulations were conceived.

Decisions about a company’s religious values are made by executives but have an effect on the entire employee base and beyond. Decisions whose effects stay within the company are one thing, but contraceptive subsidy has a societal impact. If women who otherwise cannot afford contraceptives are denied coverage and have an unplanned yet preventable pregnancy, the previously nonexistent cost of that child’s education is passed on to all taxpayers.

It is ridiculous that the views of a few like the Green family could be allowed to have such a widespread effect on those who neither share their opinions nor have even heard of their company.

Thomas Graham


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