Patricia Lauer: A family issue

July 5, 2014 

Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision recognizing corporations as individuals and therefore allowing them, for religious reasons, to refuse to provide birth control through their employee medical insurance: The issue of “right to choice” is fractious between liberals and conservatives, but as one of those liberals, I am tired of this being billed as a women’s rights issue. This is a family’s rights issue. Two people are required for conception.

Many families can ill afford another child for various reasons – emotional, financial or medical. How many men would be happy if their wives or girlfriends had an unplanned pregnancy? Yet how many men are outspoken and standing with their wives or girlfriends to oppose the conservative agenda that limits reproductive choices?

Children of unwanted pregnancies are disproportionally the responsibility of women. When will legislators strengthen the laws regarding dead beat dads and support more child care initiatives and educational reform that will provide needed support for these unplanned children and their mothers? This is a call for more men to join the fight.

Patricia Lauer, Chapel Hill

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