Susan Putnam: Managing health

July 5, 2014 

It was with complete astonishment that I read the July 2 letter “Not the point” concerning the Supreme Court ruling on health insurance and contraceptives. The writer asserted that Sen. Kay Hagan “misses the point” about this ruling. It’s the writer who misses the point.

For women of childbearing age, birth control pills are most certainly an important aspect of managing their health. A woman should have control of when or if she becomes pregnant. For many, there are health risks associated with a pregnancy. Additionally, birth control pills are often prescribed to help with other medical conditions. Does the writer also believe that birth control pills should not be covered for these reasons?

The writer states that he doesn’t want to interfere with a woman’s access to contraception; he just doesn’t want to pay for it. Many women would be unable to afford contraceptives unless it is covered by health insurance. So if a woman were to have an unwanted pregnancy or one that risks her health, does the writer have any other suggestions?

Susan Putnam, Cary

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