Samuel Gaetz: Beach battles

July 5, 2014 

Regarding your June 29 news article “ At Sunset Beach, a new battle develops”: I struggle to feel much sympathy with any of the parties, though I appreciated the background and history in your article. I have no strong desire to see more development along North Carolina’s shorelines, but I also feel the environmentalists’ words ring hollow when they decry such new development. Why should I oppose anyone else living or building on Sunset Beach when these folks already live there?

Truthfully, I’m a little upset that anyone lives in such a place at all, but I choose to spend my time asking our lawmakers to stop subsidizing coastal development through cheap insurance and other programs.

Sadly I’m reminded of a joke: What’s the difference between a developer and an environmentalist? The developer wants to build houses on the beach. The environmentalist already has one.

Samuel Gaetz, Raleigh

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