Dave Campbell: Tyranny Monday

July 6, 2014 

The Moral Monday crowd continues with its deliberate disruption of the legislative process affecting the governance of the state by a legitimately elected governing body. This process parallels the deliberate disruption of the Wake County school board a few years ago.

I moved here in 2007 from Kentucky and before that lived in 18 geographical areas due to 30 years of military service. When I moved here, the state had been run by Democrats for over 100 years yet I saw no Republicans deliberately disrupting legislative activities. In contrast, hundreds of tea party demonstrations took place with zero disruptions to legislative or private activities, arrests, name- calling, damage to public or private property or injuries except those perpetrated by SEIU union thugs on tea party demonstrators. The demonstration sites were spotless afterward unlike “earth day” demonstrations, for example.

I see zero morality when a small minority attempts to negate elections it loses. That is the “tyranny of the minority” and not how a republic operates.

Dave Campbell, Raleigh

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