Bill Palich: Hard to justify

July 7, 2014 

The Supreme Court of the One Percent has done it again, this time violating the rights of women in the name of freedom of religion of a “closely held corporation.”

Let’s look at this corporation, Hobby Lobby. According to the sound source of socio-political information, Mother Jones, and published in Population Connection, the corporation being “protected” owns stock in corporations that are manufacturers of the very birth control products that Hobby Lobby is being “protected” from having to include in its health insurance coverage for female employees.

Corporate stock thus held includes the drug producers Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Actavis, Pfizer, Bayer, AstraZeneca and Forest Laboratories – plus Aetna and Humana, which cover surgical abortions, abortion drugs and emergency contraceptives.

How can they justify denying women the benefits of choice while they are making profits from the manufacturers that produce the medications and procedures at issue? How can they profit from the very evil they are protecting their female employees from and, apparently, proudly strut their religiosity? And how can Chief Justice John Roberts, et. al., really “justify” their decision?

Bill Palich, Louisburg

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