Glenn Looper: Religious tyranny

July 7, 2014 

Never mind the fact that corporations are not actually people and cannot hold religious, political or even whimsical objections to anything. Never mind the fact that all employment benefits belong to the employee – not to the employer. So money used to purchase employee health insurance does not come from a corporation or its owners. The benefit is earned by the employee, so the money comes from the employee. Never mind the fact that birth control is not abortion or the fact that abortion is a constitutionally protected right.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the Supreme Court’s decision that pretends to protect the religious liberty of owners of closely held corporations. The only fact that the Supreme Court needed to consider was this: For a nation to have freedom of religion, each citizen must have religious freedom. If any individual or institution can impose religious tenets on any other individual, that is the opposite of religious liberty – that is religious tyranny.

Our Supreme Court has decided that the religious rights of individuals who own a majority of shares in a corporation supersede the religious rights of each and every employee of that corporation. So much for religious liberty.

Glenn Looper


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