Paul Rosenberg: Just too loud

July 8, 2014 

Regarding the June 20 article “ Catfight in Pittsboro” about the shooting range adjacent to Goathouse Refuge: I am a regular visitor to Goathouse, not as a customer, supporter or volunteer, but as a contractor. I am not anti-gun. Several family members are enthusiastic gun owners.

The gunfire is very loud, startling and stressing animals and people alike with each random gunshot. The dense trees make the gunshots sound like they are next to you. Gunfire can get loud enough to prevent a phone conversation.

I cannot understand how this can be allowed to continue. Subjecting neighbors to the sounds of daily random gunfire is wrong. This issue has nothing to do with the property owners. The news story portrayed this issue as a conflict between the owners and their supporters. This should simply be a zoning issue, and it falls to Chatham County to do the right thing. The shooting range must be moved away from neighbors who have every right to peace and quiet on their properties. There is no justification for allowing daily gunfire so close to a populated area, no matter who or what you support.

Paul Rosenberg

Chapel Hill

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