William B. Wood: The final analysis

July 8, 2014 

In the July 3 news article “ Ruling doesn’t affect N.C. law,” the expressed views of House Speaker Thom Tillis and the “personhood movement” are reported. The latter apparently holds the belief that “a fertilized ovum is a human being and therefore must have the same rights and protection afforded to full-term born infants” and adult persons. These individuals, of course, are entitled to their own beliefs.

However, following this line of reasoning, I have questions: Is denying health care to pregnant women and the fetus not child abuse? And in denying health measures and food, which may lead to maternal and infant death, is this less than murder or infanticide? In terminating or denying free or low-cost meals to children, is this not child abuse when this country and this economy are able to provide this nutrition and support?

Where are our priorities when we give tax breaks to the most wealthy and huge unneeded supplements to wealthy, absent factory farmers? Yet food products lie in waste and a plate of food is removed from before a child because of a few cents.

Hiding behind religiosity and pat phrases afford no excuses. Have they, in final analysis, no compassion? Are they so devoid of human kindness that they sleep comfortably?

William B. Wood

Chapel Hill

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