Walter Weathers: School quandaries

July 9, 2014 

Being a native of N.C., during the ’50s and ’60s I attended racially segregated public schools where there were gross disparities between funding for black schools and white schools. Today in North Carolina, after so much progress, we are headed in a backward direction. We now face the reality of economic resegregation in many of our public schools.

It is not hard to imagine the outcome of slashing public school funding and then using much of what is left to fund more charters and subsidies for private school attendance. Many public schools are going to be left with overcrowded classrooms filled with those kids who are the most difficult to teach.

In the black segregated schools of my era, the typical class size was about 40 kids. Is this where we are headed today? In today’s classroom environment, who in his right mind would want to teach under such conditions? Where is the fairness when public money is used to fund private schools with 10 to 12 kids per class at the expense of public schools?

Walter Weathers, Durham

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