George Toth: Secure borders

July 10, 2014 

Regarding the July 9 editorial “ On his own”: At least you got it half right. Something needs to be done about immigration. The president is doing what he does so well – dividing the population and not solving the problem.

First we must secure our borders. Every civilized nation has secure borders, and no nation has survived without secure borders. After we have stemmed the flow of illegal immigrants, we can then deal with those who have broken our laws.

If we penalize those businesses that hire illegal immigrants, circumventing taxes, there will be no employment for these people, and we can help them get back to their own country, even if it costs us to help them get there. As far as those who were brought here as children, perhaps giving them some sort of work permit to allow them to function in our country would work.

The current influx of illegal immigration should be met with instant deportation. In fact, this would not be a problem if the president would enforce our laws as he said he would in his oath of office. The laws just need some simple updates. We already have laws that are not being enforced that would alleviate the problem.

George Toth


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