Cissy McKissick: Teachers need time

July 10, 2014 

Regarding the July 2 news article “ Senate thwarts McCrory rebound”: I had mixed feelings as I read that Gov. Pat McCrory’s Governor’s Teacher Network is creating classroom resources. Another resource for lesson activities sounds great. However, resources are no help when there is not enough time to use them.

I am lucky to work in WCPSS where we also have lesson plan resources. From my perspective (23 years teaching, master’s degree, National Board Certification), what is missing from these resources is time for teachers to review them, modify as needed, make materials and assess student achievement. I plan four to eight different lessons a day. I spend seven to eight hours a day with students, communicating with parents and attending meetings. This results in little time to think about learning activities.

The workday provided each quarter is filled with completing required paperwork. This could be remedied by shifting funds to provide one day a month for lesson planning or one half-day a week.

We have tried everything under the sun to raise student achievement. How about trying what to me is the most obvious? Let’s give teachers the time we need to effectively use the resources and training we have.

Cissy McKissick


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