Notable numbers: Global warming, ER visits and how little we exercise

July 11, 2014 

Notable numbers

Statistics from the past week that deserve a doubletake

46: The percentage of Republicans who say there is no solid evidence of global warming

11: The percentage of Democrats who say that

97: The percentage of climate scientists who believe human activities are causing global warming

39: The percentage of insured Americans who have visited an emergency room in the past two years

48: The percentage of uninsured Americans who have

25: The percentage of Dutch and Germans who have

29: The average wait in days in the U.S. to see a dermatologist for a skin exam

66: The average wait in Boston for an appointment for a physical

7: The number of traffic fatalities on North Carolina roads over the July 4th holiday weekend

14: The number of fatalities last year

321 million: The number of tablets expected to be shipped from manufacturers to retailers next year

262 million: The number of PCs expected to be shipped, representing the first time tablets have overtaken PCs

19: The percentage of American women who reported doing no exercise in their free time in 1988

52: The percentage of American women who did none in 2010

11: The percentage of American men who did no exercise in 1988

43: That percentage in 2010

65: The percentage of polls in Senate battleground states that have been sponsored or conducted by partisan organizations

90: The percentage of regular smokers who have their first cigarette before turning 18

1,357: The number of Cuban rafters the Coast Guard plucked from the Caribbean in fiscal 2013

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