Fox pops McCrory the question: What are you running for?

Posted by Craig Jarvis on July 11, 2014 

Is the governor running for president? Of the U.S.?

That question Fox Business News popped to Gov. Pat McCrory during a TV appearance on the network earlier this week. The governor was on Stuart Varney’s show to talk about the state’s plunged unemployment rate and reduced federal debt following North Carolina’s decision not to extend long-term jobless benefits.

Varney asked McCrory if he thought cutting those benefits was the way of the future nationally, observing that there seems to be a philosophical conflict among some states over the value of benefits.

“Governor, that’s what you did: You cut long-term benefits. You said ‘No more,’ ‘No mas,’ ” Varney said. “… Do you propose, at some point, to run for the presidency?”

“I like being governor of North Carolina,” McCrory replied without missing a beat. “I like living right here in Raleigh. My other home is in Charlotte, right now, where I was mayor for 14 years. Listen, we want North Carolina to be the role model on how to rebuild an economy.”

There is disagreement about whether cutting jobless benefits led to more jobs in North Carolina, or if the unemployed just quit looking.

The governor’s staff thought the interview went so well they posted a video of it on his website.

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