Ned Gardner: And the alternative?

July 12, 2014 

In his July 7 Point of View piece, Dr. Stephen Parente of the University of Minnesota predicted catastrophe for Obamacare in North Carolina. Parente is not a physician but rather holds a Ph.D. in health finance and organization. Considering the highly charged negativity of his piece, it is no surprise to learn that he served as health policy adviser for the McCain 2008 presidential campaign.

Referring to Obamacare at the conclusion of his comments, Parente stated, “This health care cure may be worse than the disease.” But is he even interested in finding a cure for this “disease”? His self-righteous concern expressed on behalf of those who may lose health insurance coverage is brought into question by the fact he offers not a single word, expert though he is, suggesting an alternative direction likely more effective than Obamacare in offering expanded health insurance coverage for the general U.S. population.

One suspects that he is content, as is his Republican Party, for the U.S. to have the finest health care in the world for those of our citizens who can afford it. In other words, what “disease”?

Ned Gardner


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